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Digital Biome

Analytic Studios & Exemplars

DeepForge is a development environment for deep learning designed for simplicity, collaboration and reproducibility of experiments. Visual editing allows quick and easy design of neural network architectures and machine learning pipelines.
This WebGME based Design Studio is an experimentation platform for the "Computing the Biome" project.

Application Candidates

An envisioned command-and-control (C2) dashboard for monitoring mosquito biothreats and optimizing their suppression using AI-based forecasts generated from a real-time sensor network and just-in-time genomic analyses deployed across Harris County, TX.
Novel therapeutics and bioengineered interventions utilize and repurpose microbial genes and microbial associations, but discovering these phenomena is an expensive and slow process requiring manual inspection of large metagenomic data sets. This app provides an efficient dashboard to cluster and search large metagenomics datasets from the Digital Biosphere.
Mosquito-borne diseases cause over 600 million clinical cases of disease per year and must be continually managed. This dashboard feeds Digital Biosphere data into epidemiolocal models providing best-in-class estimates of potential mosquito-borne disease hot spots and auto-recommends intervention plans.
A semantically structured data lake and data analytics platform for: (1) storing and fusing biome data streams generated by data providers and (2) hosting value-added apps created by app creators. The Digital Biosphere is designed for traceable and reproducible analytics, so users can understand how apps derive their insights, which is especially important when apps present insights relevant to human health, climate change, and therapeutic discovery.